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Our   son   Dafnis   was   born   in   1998,   covered   with   lots   of   nevi.   Within   a   month   he   went   for   surgery   to   remove   as   many   nevi   as   possible.   In   his   early childhood   he   has   had   four   surgeries.   Each   surgery   about   twenty   nevi   (different   sizes)   were   removed.   After   his   third   surgery   complications   started   to appear.   He   seemed   allergic   and   developed   eczema.   He   had   problems   breathing,   but   no   one   understood   what   was   happening,   leaving   me   startled.   I   now realize   he   was   having   seizures,   caused   by   NCM,   we   did   not   know.   He   overgrew   some   of   his   allergies   and   his   seizures.   He   became   a   joyful   kid   filled   with energy   and   with   a   good   sense   of   humor.   If   I   were   to   interpret   his   meaning   of   life,   his   goal   would   be   to   make   people   happy.   He   could   make   people   smile and laugh. Teachers, classmates, neighbors, friends were fond of him. He always had a smile on his face and a twinkle in his eyes. At   home   we   saw   his   other   side.   He   struggled   with   his   allergy   (dairy   free   diet   and   being   asthmatic)   and   neurological   problems   (speaking   disorder   and problems   with   fine   motoric).   He   could   be   very   angry   over   little   things.   We   now   know   cysts   had   developed   during   his   life   in   his   head   and   around   his   spinal cord. He never complained, but it must have given him some kind of pain or tension. In   January   2012   he   came   home   from   school   very   nauseous   and   dizzy   after   sport   class.   It   was   the   beginning   of   a   tough   six   month   fight   against   NCM. Even   when   being   sick   he   didn’t   lose   his   sense   of   humor.   Family,   friends   and   school   enjoyed   his   presence   as   much   as   possible.   Medical   staff   loved   him and   gave   him   wonderful   support.   He   told   everyone   importance   of   enjoying   life.   In   July   2012   he   lost   his   battle   and   we   had   to   say   goodbye.   His   last   wish was not to be forgotten.  I appreciate you reading his story and having him in your mind.

Dafnis’s Story

By Marjolein (Dafnis’s Mum) Published 2013
ABN: 23543860400
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